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How To Be Prepared For Health Department Inspections

Health Department inspections always seem to happen at the most inconvenient time. It's Friday afternoon and lunch service is in full swing; the dining rooom is packed; you are down a line a cook and the dishwasher called out.

How to Use Compound Butter

Compound Butter can be easily added to meats, and sauces sides to add extra flavor. They can be heated for a sauce, just use the cut rounds and added to a dish.

How Do You Cook With Harissa

Harissa has a slightly sweet taste as well as smoke, tang and spice. It works in almost every Mediterranean dish. It's often substituted with sauces such as..

Why So many Different Types if Cooking Oil?

The main reason we need different oils is because we cook with different levels of heat.  Some oils are intended for high heat and others for no heat.

Cooking With Beer

First, don't cook with a beer you wouldn't drink. When used properly beer turns the most ordinary foods into exceptional fare.
In case you haven’t heard 'The Bear' is an FX series Starring Jeremy Allen White with a super real portrayal of kitchen life.  This should come with a warning because it is intense, to say the least.
If you are a parent of well-behaved tiny foodies, this new trend may infuriate you. But more and more restaurants are ready to take heat and implement new policies banning children at their establishments.

Why French Fries

Well, game on French fries! Because now we serve you as a starter or a meal loaded with all kinds of goodies. These deep-fried pieces of potatoes are crispy outside and tender and steamy inside making them a pile of comforting perfection.
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