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Night Warehouse Job Opening

Night Warehouse Order Selector

  • Safety first culture

  • No experience necessary

  • Paid on the job training

  • Full time positions available

  • Earn incentives

  • 4 day work week – Fridays & Saturdays guaranteed off, plus one more day off

Meet Alex A Member Of Our Night Team For 5 years!

Starting Your Career At Ginsberg’s on the Night Warehouse Team

Not interested in college and the financial burden that comes with it? A respectable career while making good money to support yourself and your family is possible without a college degree! Former Night Crew have become shift leads, drivers, driver trainers, inventory supervisors, IT specialists and even become part of the management team at Ginsberg’s.  Also learn about the numerous Employee Programs we have!

What Does Ginsberg’s Night Warehouse Team Do?

Our Night Crew is vital to the success of Ginsberg’s. Night Warehouse Order Selectors pick and load orders overnight for next day delivery to our customers. Ginsberg’s customers are essential businesses in the community that include restaurants, schools and healthcare facilities. Our warehouse is stocked full of foods from proteins, produce, desserts, snacks, seafood and cleaning supplies, but no alcohol or tobacco products come from our facility. 

Overnight Warehouse Pay

As a Night Warehouse Order Picker, you have the ability to control how much you make based on your level of performance! As a new employee, you can come in making anywhere from $19.00-$20.49, and have the ability to earn up to $27/hr in higher level base pay as soon as 30 days of employment

  • You also have the ability to earn extra income beyond your hourly rate through various incentives and differentials. 
  • On a bi-weekly basis you are eligible for a performance based incentive with NO CAP and every 3 months you are eligible for a quarterly performance based incentive of up to an additional $500. 

Night Warehouse Hours

We offer Night Warehouse team members the ability to enjoy a set schedule that does not change from week to week, all while still having the opportunity to pick up extra shifts (if YOU choose)!  This is accomplished through a four, 10-hour overnight shift schedule. Fridays and Saturdays are guaranteed off along with another day of the week. There are times, in order to complete the nightly workload, that longer hours may occur but teammates are compensated with overtime pay.


Whether you have experience or not, we want ALL our teammates to be safe. Ginsberg’s offers on the job training by highly tenured and professional teammates who want YOU to succeed. New teammates start on day shift learning how to operate our machinery (including pallet jacks, fork lifts and order pickers) and learn the picking pattern of our warehouse before moving to Nights. Every shift startup meeting includes stretching. Why? The job is physically demanding and you are an athlete that needs to prepare to keep yourself and your fellow teammates safe! We want you to work SMARTER not harder!

Our Night Warehouse Team are Athletes

If you are competitive and like to stay active, Nights might just be a good fit for you. Ginsberg’s Night Crew, made up of men and women, are athletes that work in a very physically demanding environment.  Below are some of the amazing feats that our team accomplishes nightly.

  • Consistently lifting 80 lbs throughout the entire shift
  • Selectors can pick over 22,500 pound each shift
  • Loaders can walk up to 15 miles per night
  • Pick products in 3 temperature zones from -20°F to room temperature and up to 20+ feet in the air
  • On-site Athletic Trainers to support preventative programs

Ginsberg’s Night Warehouse Job Application

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