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Hormel Bacon 1

Bacon 1 Is The Better Way To Serve Bacon

Never compromise on bacon. No longer will you have to make bacon from the raw or serve flat fully cooked product. Hormel Bacon 1 is fully cooked, with a thick slices, smokey flavor and perfect texture. You’ll enjoy less grease, less waste and less prep time than traditional bacon – all while keeping texture and appearance as if it was cooked from raw!

Raw premium raw bellies prepared with Hormel’s exclusive, patented cook process. This results in fully cooked, high quality bacon that’s consistent, crisp and indistinguishable from raw that outperforms ofther fully cooked bacon

Bacon 1 Fully Cooked Bacon

Raw Bacon VS Fully Cooked Bacon 1 Food Cost

Raw bacon case cost may look good on paper. Once you factor in the actual slice count, slice waste and labor costs, you will be surprised who comes out with a better per slice cost in the bacon wars!

Raw Bacon Food Costs

Hormel Bacon 1 Costs

Fully Cooked Bacon Anytime and Anywhere!

Bacon 1 Farmhouse Breakfast

Farmhouse Breakfast

Hormel Bacon 1 Green Apple Grilled Panini

Bacon Green Apple Grilled Panini

Hormel Bacon 1 Wrapped Jalapenos

Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers

Bacon 1 Sriracha & Brown Sugar Candied Bacon

Sriracha & Brown Sugar Candied Bacon

Bacon 1 Berakfast Benedict

Bacon Breakfast Benedict

Bacon 1 Breakfast Sandwich

Breakfast Sandwich

Bacon 1 Cheeseburger

Bacon Cheeseburger

Bacon 1 California Club Sandwich

California Club Sandwich

Bacon 1 Sweet Potao & Bacon Hash

Sweet Potato & Bacon Hash

Watch Bacon 1 Come To Life & Become The star Of Your Menu!

Serve fully cooked Bacon 1™ as a traditional breakfast item, add it to sandwiches or get creative.

Bacon Meets Dessert

Be Bold Bacon Flight

Hormel Bacon 1™ Products in Stock

13/17 Bacon G’s #53315  1/7.5 lb

18/22 Bacon G’s #53316  2/3.25 lb

20/24 Bacon G’s #53318  2/2.55 lb

18/22 Half Piece Bacon  G’s #53314  2/3.25 lb

Bacon 1 half slices are the same as full slices, just cut in half.  This helps you have better control over your portions and cost.  You can use fewer slices without compromising flavor or coverage. No need to cut or fold your bacon strips to reduce labor. 

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