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It’s Hard to Be Green — But Important

Are you worried about your energy costs?

Here are some tips & tricks to help get those down. Hint: It’s not all its fryed up to be.

“One single electric fryer can use significantly more electricity this year than the average U.S. home, but with some simple steps, you can save significant money and resources.”

Click here to find out ways to cut your costs

Are you wasting food?

Avoiding food waste is a critical component to cutting your overall cost.

“Tracking and efficiently using the food you purchase for your restaurant is key to running a successful, efficient business.”

The National Restaurant Association has both back and front-of-house recommendations for keeping your costs low.

Check out their video below for tracking inventory and your food waste.

Learn more about this topic by visiting;

A Changing Facebook Landscape

Facebook in early 2018 announced a major shift in the way it will display content in user News Feeds that could have a profound impact on any company or organization trying to attract users to its Facebook page.

In a blog post on the company’s website in early January, Facebook said that it would show more posts from friends and family and “show less public content, including videos and other posts from publishers or businesses.”

Soon after the announcement, much of the media coverage centered on what that would mean for content publishers that rely on Facebook’s News Feed to drive traffic to their websites. But small companies will also likely take a significant hit.

By focusing more on content from friends and family, it will be harder for companies to grab the attention of Facebook users. That could mean less engagement with company pages and fewer opportunities to effectively promote businesses to local users.

Facebook has said that it will still surface content that drives engagement among its users. But if a company’s content isn’t engaging, the chances of having someone else see it will drop significantly.

So, what can companies do to address this problem? Here’s a brief look at some ideas:

Rethink Your Social Strategy

If you’ve been putting off a discussion about your social media strategy, now’s the time to have it.

Facebook is a major driver to company websites and company patronage. Think seriously about the kind of content you want to deliver and how people interact with it. Consult your Facebook Insights information to get a sense of what people liked, commented on, and engaged with most. That’s the kind of content you’ll want to deliver more often.

Think Seriously About Content

Now’s as good a time as any to take a hard look at the content you put out in the world. Is it compelling? Do people care? Is it resonating with your intended audience?

Facebook’s News Feed change is about more than Facebook—it’s a reflection on what people are looking for wherever they go. Your content needs to be better and more appealing than your competitors. And it needs to be more compelling not only on Facebook but anywhere you deliver it.

Messaging today is critical.

Focus on Instagram

Facebook owns Instagram. But at least so far, it’s not placing the same restrictions on that service. Moreover, many companies are seeing increased engagement on Instagram.

If you’re not already on Instagram, get there now. If you are, evaluate your strategy and develop a gameplan that dramatically enhances your engagement on the social platform.

Double Down on Public Relations

In a subsequent News Feed change in January, Facebook announced that it would start to surface more local news content in News Feeds. The decision was roundly celebrated by local media outlets, but it could also been a boon for your business.

If you see your engagement dropping on Facebook, attracting media outlets to interesting stories or announcements you’re making can fix that. Stories written about you in local media will take up more space in local News Feeds, driving more people to your page and your website.

If you don’t have a public relations strategy, now’s the time to develop one. It could be critical to improving engagement with your company across social media and other platforms.

Why Implement Contactless Dining

Why Implement Contactless Dining

Contactless dining may have been inspired by COVID but like Kale, it is here to stay.  Yes, this does reduce some human interaction, but it streamlines dining. Let’s face it, everyone wants things to be fast, simple and safe.

Why Does Proper Attire Matter

Why Does Proper Attire Matter

Why does proper attire matter? How you present not only speaks to you but also to your surroundings. Not sure what to wear to a particular restaurant, then let its ambiance guide you. For example, a dive bar with a fried food menu would lead you to casual dress. A fine dining establishment would send you to business casual attire at a minimum.

Why Should You Attend The 2022 Food Show

Why Should You Attend The 2022 Food Show

This year’s food show is also having a rebirth. The focus is no longer on special pricing and commodities but new products, labor savings and product education.  

Why Should You Salt Everything

Why Should You Salt Everything?

Salt offers a world of flavors to explore and intensifies the delightful tastes in your dish!  When salt is used properly, it improves the flavor of your dish by reducing bitterness. It also increases sweetness, sourness, and umami.

Why Offer Plant-Based Protein?

Why Offer More Plant-Based Options?

The plant-based foods movement is on the rise and is most likely here to stay.  So embrace it! Your customers may be already on the search for these healthier meal alternatives. If they are eating it at home, they’ll want the option when they go out.

Why Rethink Protein Usage

Why do I need to rethink my protein usage? Well, it is not breaking news in our industry that the cost of meat protein is through the roof. But there is no need to panic, it is time to adapt and readjust, and there are many ways to accomplish a successful shift. 1. Come to...

Why Pay Bills Online?

Why Should You Pay Your Bills Online?

At this point I am not sure why you are not already doing so. Chances are you pay most if not all your personal bills online. So why are you not doing the same for your business invoices?

Why Focus on Valentine’s Day

Why Focus on Valentine’s Day?

February is typically a slow month in the restaurant industry, however it does give us one golden opportunity.  Valentine’s day could really bump up your bank account if you are willing to create something special. 

Why Shift Your Restaurant Focus in 2022

Why Shift Your Restaurant Focus in 2022

At this moment you are probably way beyond your breaking point in your kitchen. The pandemic seems it is never going to end. Food cost is through the roof with supply chain still limited. Wages have increased drastically and finding staff is simply impossible.

Why Strive To Be A More Successful Chef

Why Strive To Be a More Successful Chef

A successful and profitable kitchen is run by a team, not by one single person. A successful chef knows when to motivate their team and stay on course.

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