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Chef-Mate Chorizo Skillet

Chef-mate Chorizo

Chef-Mate Chorizo Skillet

Expand your skillet menu to lunch, dinner and shareable plates with new Chorizo Skillet featuring incredible scratch-made taste. A flavorful chorizo sausage mixed with bell peppers, onions and hearty potatoes brought to life with the perfect blend of seasoning. This rich, perfectly spicy, ready-to-use ingredient works wonders to help you easily create signature and memorable snacks, lunches, or dinners.

Think of adding to taquitos, loaded sweet potato tots, cassoulet, kale and white bean stew, flatbread with romesco sauce and manchego cheese or a roasted vegetable frittata. Click here for more Product Info!

Chorizo Breakfast Supreme Pizza


Additional Menu Suggestions

Here are a few more ideas to get your culinary creativity flowing. There really is no limit to the kind of delicious dishes you can create!


Che-Mate Chorizo Paella

Chorizo Skillet and Shrimp Baked Paella

A unique twist on traditional shrimp baked paella uses a rice base for authenticity with our flavorful chorizo skillet to add a deliciously crispy element.

Chef-mate Chorizo With Clams

Chorizo Skillet with Clams

Chorizo Skillet sautéed until crispy with shallot and garlic, deglazed with white wine and perfected with freshly cooked clams.

Chef-mate Chorizo Croquettes

Chorizo Skillet Croquette

Chorizo Skillet combined with hearty potato flakes and parsley fried to crispy perfection. All served with a side of fresh paprika aioli with lemon juice.

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