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Local Produce


MacIntosh, Golden Delicious, Gala & Honey Crisp

from Yonder Farms in Valatie, NY



Gallon, half gallon, pint and half pints from Eger Bros in Livingston, NY



year round from Bulich Mushroom Farms in Catskill, NY



BOSC from Yonder Farms



Red A & B , Yukon Gold Chef & B and Jumbo Chefs

from Swaz Potatoes located in Hatfield, Mass



Medium yellow and red onions

from A Gurda Produce

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BONICI® Jalapeño Pepperoni

Black Oak Pork Ribs

The Impossible Burger

New Products

Baked Goods

Bridor Mini Assorted Pastries

Bridor Mini Assorted Danish

Bridor Mini Cream Cheese Danish

Bridor Maple Pecan Butter Danish

Bridor Chocolate Avalanche Croissant

Bridor Spinach Feta Butter Pastry

Krusteaz 3/4″ Thick Cut French Toast

Center of Plate

Bonici Sliced Jalapeno Pepperoni

Hood 1% Lowfat Chocolate Milk

Koch FC Honey Breaded Chicken – 4 piece

North Country Irish Banger Sausage

Tyson Seasoned Whole Pork Butt

Tyson Smoked Flavored Pork Back Ribs


CAC 9.75″ American Plat – white

Cont 63″Wooden Mop Handle

Halco 2.5″ Deep Half Size Aluminum Steam Pan

Halco Wedge and Slice Egg Slicer replacing 99380

Hoffmaster Holiday Ornament Placement 

HFA 1/3 Size Aluminum Steam Pan

Libbey 9 oz Margarita Glass

PL Fold Over Sandwich Bag

Prime 7.75″ Wrapped Jumbo Paper Straw

Solo 10 oz Hot cup – greek key design

Solo 32 oz Paper Squat Container w/Lid

Yoshi 9 oz Clear Hard Plastic Squat Cup


Cornerstone Avocado Halves

Knorr Hollandaise Sauce Mix

Twist Drink Mix – Punch

Twist Drink mix – Lemonade

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