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New Products

Lent runs February 17 – April 3, 2021

Swapping in seafood to your menu is incredibly easy. It opens up a new range of meal experience without requiring new recipes or ingredients.  So let’s twist the classic fish and chips or baked fish meals during Lent while providing you with several applications to use new and new to you items from Highliner Foods. Learn more!

Campbell’s Soups Work Hard to Make Things Easier For You

You work hard to delight your guest, why shouldn’t your soups make life easier for you? What if you could get scratch-quality soup in less time? Campbell’s makes soups you’ll be proud to call your own with carefully selected ingredients. Learn more

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New Items

Koch Boneless Breaded Chicken Tenderloin  #54673  2/5 lb

Sabrett Frozen Skinless 7 1/8″ Beef Franks 8 to the lb  #54892  2/5 lb

DeYulio’s 3/2 oz New England Breakfast Sausage Links  #57148  8/5 lb

DeYulio’s 3.2 oz Chorizo Sausage Links  #57481  1/10 lb

Copper Creek Black Angus Choice Bone In Lip On Beef Rib Export  #59412  1/18 lb avg

IBP Choice Outside Beef Skirt Steak  #59461  1/13 lb avg


Highland Market Graham Cracker Crumbs  #7031  2/5 lb

Highland Market Ground Allspice  #82601  6/16 oz

Highland Market Cajun Seasoning #82876  6/20 oz

Highland Market Dill Weed #83491  6/5 oz

Highland Market Italian Seasoning #83886/6/16 oz

Highland Market Dehydrated Chopped Onion #91982/3/3 lb

Highland Market Coarse Grind Black Pepper #84667  6/16 oz

Highland Market Crushed Red Pepper #84837  3/4 lb

Highland Market Cayenne Pepper #84881 6/16 oz

Highland Market White Ground Pepper #84901  6/16 oz

Highland Market Whole Rosemary Leaves #85076  6/9 oz

Highland Market Imitation Vanilla #85681  4/1 gal


Ambrosia Marinated Mushrooms #91876  4/1 gal

King Arthur Whole Wheat Flour #86495  1/50 lb

Musselman Red Wine Vinegar  #33891  4/1 gal

Nescafe Instant Coffee Stick  #17465  6/80 ct

Planet Oat Unsweetened Oat Milk  #24727  6/52 oz

Sunsource Unsweetened Applesauce  #26293  6/#10

Sunsource Applesauce #43172  6/#10

Patriot Pickle Individually Wrapped Garlic Dill Whole Pickle  #72923  12 ea

Patriot Pickle Individually Wrapped Garlic Dill Pickle Chips  #72924  12 ea


Austin Clear Ammonia #15152  4/1 gal

Fisherman Pride IQF 4-6 oz Breaded Flounder Fillet  #40322  1/10 lb

Highliner Garlic and Herb Shrimp  #41456  4/2.5 lb



Bake N Joy Apple Cinnamon Coffee Cake #254  8/24 oz

Bake N Joy Marble Coffee Cake #257  8/24 oz

Sara Lee Cake Donut Variety Pack #1603 5/6 ct

Rich’s Apple Strudel Bread Dough  #2647  108/3.85 oz

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