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Local Produce


MacIntosh and Ginger Gold Yonder Farms in Valatie, NY



Gallon, half gallon, pint and half pints from Eger Bros in Livingston, NY

Sweet Corn

Kinderhook Creek Farm from Stephentown, NY



(green leaf, red leaf, romaine, collards, escarole, Italian parsley)

from A Gurda Farms located in the black dirt region near Pine Island, NY



year round from Bulich Mushroom Farms in Catskill, NY



Red A & B , Yukon Gold Chef & B and Jumbo Chefs from Swaz Potato Farm in Hatfield, Mass

Swaz Potatoes located in Hatfield, Mass

Featured Products

Sambazon Acai Berry Sorbet

Dine-Aglow Heating & Lighting

Scotch-Brite Hex Dual Pads

New Products


Bistro Bailey’s Irish Cream Cheesecake 16 slice

David’s Oatmeal Raisin Cookie

VDF Almond Croissant – unbaked

VDF Cream Cheese Croissant – unbaked

Center of the Plate

Butterball RTC 1 oz Turkey Sausage Link

Butterball RTC 1.5 oz Turkey Sausage Patty Link

Butterball FC 1.42 oz Breakfast Turkey Sausage Patty

GLUTEN FREE Butterball Savory White Meat Turkey Burger

GLUTEN FREE Butterball Thigh Meat Turkey Burger

Cornerstone Honey BBQ Baby Back Ribs – precooked

Farmland Precooked Round Bacon

Northfork Buffalo Bison Burger

Red Label NAE FC Unbreaded Applewood Bn/In Chicken Wing

Red Label NAE FC Breaded Applewood Bnls Chicken Wing

Red Label NAE FC Starch Coated Boneless Chicken Wing


Yoplait Light Blueberry Vanilla Yogurt


Frozen 31/40 T/Off Cooked Shrimp

Icelandic 1 oz Pollock Fish Stick – whole grain

Star Kist Chunk Light Tuna in Pouch

Viking 3.6 oz Potato Crunch Pollock – precooked


Brach’s Apple Orchard Fruit Snacks

Swanson Beef Broth

Swanson Chicken Broth

Cargil Sugar

Cargil Golden Brown Sugar

Everbake Vegetable Oil Spray for Baking

Hellman Ancho Chipotle Sauce

Juicy Juice 100% Orange Tangerine Juice

Golden Crisp 5/8” Crispy Beer Battered Onion Rings

Starkist Chunk Light Tuna Pouch

Sunbutter Creamy Sunbutter

Whitey’s GLUTEN FREE Chicken Chili

Versa Cottonseed/Canola Oil Blend ZTF

Versa High Oleic Soy Oil Blend ZTF

Versa Liquid Butter Alternative ZTF


Berk Plastic Nacho Tray

Companions 18″ Plastic Wrap w/ Cutter

Crestware 8oz Amarican White Mug

Companions 24×32 15 Gallon Clear Canliner

Dine-Aglow 15 Hour Disposable Fuel Cell

Rubbermaid Handle for Spill Mop Pad

Rubbermaid 32oz Cotton Spill Mop Pad

Vegware 6×9 1 compartment – Biodegradable 

Vegware 12 oz Paper Bowl – Biodegradable

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