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Local Produce


MacIntosh, Golden Delicious, Gala & Honey Crisp

from Yonder Farms in Valatie, NY



Gallon, half gallon, pint and half pints from Eger Bros in Livingston, NY



year round from Bulich Mushroom Farms in Catskill, NY



BOSC from Yonder Farms



Red A & B , Yukon Gold Chef & B and Jumbo Chefs

from Swaz Potatoes located in Hatfield, Mass



Medium yellow and red onions

from A Gurda Produce

Featured Products

The Impossible Burger

New Products


Farm Rich Pizza Cheese Crunchers

McCain Mashed Potato Emoticons Shapes

McCain 5/16′ Straight Cut Fries

Baked Goods

Appleways WG Breakfast Bar – Apple Oatmeal 

Appleways WG Breakfast Bar – Chocolate Chip Oatmeal

Piantedosi What Burger Roll – Sliced

Center Of The Plate

Flavor Savor 3-1 Burger

Impossible Burger Patty 

Plantfare Plant Based Protein Shreds

Red Label 3.5oz FC NAE Chicken Breast Fritter

Tyson FC Extra Thin Bacon

Tyson 18/22 Hickory Smoked Bacon


Browne Aluminum Egg Slicer

Tablecraft Stainless Steel Bar Strainer

Tablecraft  6 oz Slotted Cheese Shaker


Frionor Pollock Potato Fish Wedge

Tampa Maid Stuffed Flounder

Tampa Maid Monterey Jack Breaded Shrimp Jammer

Stock Rock Crab Meat Combo


Gluten Free Blount Chicken Ramen Broth

Kettle Cuisine Fresh Lentil Soup


Big Daddy WG Bold Cheese Pizza

Bonduelle Capri Mix Vegetable Blend

Gluten Free Bonewerks Veal Demi Glace

Lentini’s Vodka Suace

Lentini’s Marinara Sauce

Lentini’s Basil and Onion Sauce

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