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Lent runs February 17 - April 3, 2021

Swapping in seafood to your menu is incredibly easy. It opens up a new range of meal experience without requiring new recipes or ingredients.  So let’s twist the classic fish and chips or baked fish meals during Lent while providing you with several applications to use new and new to you items from Highliner Foods. Learn more!

February Dessert Of Month

February is known for having the biggest chocolate holiday of the year… Valentine’s Day! The sweet treats picked for this month can be used for dine-in special occasions or they are perfect for to-go celebrations shared at home. Wherever your customers choose to dine, we are sure that we see chocolate in their future! Learn more!

David's Cookies Chocolate Overload Cake Header

Ken's Plus One Ingredients

You can easily Plus One your favorite Ken’s Dressings with a little something something you already have. Adding just one or more small ingredients from your kitchen and viola you have a signature dressing! Learn more!

Ken's Plus One Recipes Header 2

Plant Based Options Popular with Diners

Diners Get Increasingly on Board with Plant-Based Menus

Consumer perspectives toward plant-based eating have undergone some changes during the coronavirus crisis, according to a recent survey. Read More

What Restaurants Need To Know about 2021

Restaurant Marketing in a Pandemic: What Can You Do to Survive the Winter?

A lot of us could agree we’d like to put 2020 in the rear view, and then back over it a few times before going forward. But the reality isn’t so tidy. The restaurant industry greeted January with some concerning trends in tow from Understanding the Economy in 2021, Looming Legislation, Reactions, Changes and Things to ConsiderRead More

Read other important topics in February’s Operator’s Edge including money, safety & sanitation, consumer insights and more! Operator’s Edge

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