Dessert of the Month

Dessert of the Month

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and the whole month of March with these Irish desserts from Sweet Street and Sara Lee’s Bistro Collection. These might not be traditional Irish desserts, but they are favorites of ours!

Bailey’s Irish Cream 10” Cheesecake

G’s #426 2/16 slice

Milk chocolate and Baileys® Irish Cream are swirled together in this New York Style cheesecake that sits atop a chocolate coffee crumb crust. It’s topped with a layer of creamy Baileys® mousse and hand-finished with chocolate shavings and a dusting of cocoa powder. Thaw and serve convenience! The Bistro Collection® are baked in small batches, using only the finest of ingredients and decorated by hand.

Irish Cream Bash Pie

G’s # 3975 4/10”

Open doors, hearts, conversation and share the Irish spirit with Sweet Street’s take on a St. Patty’s dessert. The Irish cream bash pie is made a white chocolate mousse and delicate chocolate cake crumbles, tipsy with fine Irish cream. Serve with a strong Irish coffee, with a splash whiskey or Irish cream to waken your spirits!

Dessert Tips:

  • Remove shrink wrap prior to defrosting desserts.
  • In between cutting slices, wipe knife with hot water.
  • Cut desserts while they are frozen for a cleaner cut.
  • Add a photo to your menu! 85% of patron say they are more likely to order a dessert if a photo of it is on the menu.
  • Make your dessert presentations Instagram worthy.
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