Dessert of the Month

Dessert of the Month

Marshmallow Cream And Cookie Dough Chocolate Cake

Three layers of moist chocolate cake soaked with simple syrup alternate with two layers of our chocolate chip edible cookie dough and two layers of marshmallow cream. Iced with delicious fudge frosting and finished with chocolate cake crumbs around the sides and a fluffy marshmallow border, a final sprinkling of chocolate chips makes this cake oh so scrumptious!

565 2/14 slices

In addition to our cakes from David’s and Annie’s we stock high quality cookie dough, brownies, muffin batter, T&S muffins, crumb cakes, scones, cinnamon rolls and specialty items such as gluten free brownies.

Custom Menu Program

For operators wanting a dessert program tailored to their concept and clientele, we offer a wide range of desserts that look great on a custom menu that David’s graphics team designs to your specifications. Cheesecakes, brownie sundaes and elegant & decadent individual desserts are just a call away. Let us design a menu for you! Ask your Ginsberg’s Sales Consultant for details.

Check Out Our Latest David’s Cookies Additions

Sugar Free Cheesecake – #461 2/20 slices

We removed the sugar but not the flavor! This delicous cheesecake batter is poured into a pan that is very lightly dusted with sugar-free graham cracker crumbs. This cheesecake is so tasty you won’t even miss the crust!

Coconut Cloud Cake – #563 2/14 slices

We’re serious about coconut! Three towering layers of ultra moist coconut cake are filled with clouds of creamy vanilla-coconut mousse made with real coconut milk. Snowy flaked and toasted coconut surrounds this heavenly experience.

Peanut Butter Explosion Cake – #564 2/14 slices

Copious amounts of peanut butter mousse made with REESE’S® Peanut Butter Cups cover two of the three rich dark chocolate cake layers, while a silky dark chocolate fudge frosting covers the top layer. Hand cut chocolate brownie squares and triangles adorn the top of this monument to chocolate and peanut butter. Garnished with REESE’S® Peanut Butter Chips.

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