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Annie's Desserts

New Summer Desserts from David’s Cookies & Annie’s 

Summer time treats are the best and it’s more convenient when someone else makes them for you. Cue in mile high premier cakes from Annie’s Euro American Bakery. These decadent cakes average over 5 pounds each and definitely have that wow factor! David’s Cookies tarts use premium ingredients like raw blueberries and lemon curd in their award winning tart that are meticulously hand decorated. David’s thaw and serve muffins or cookie assortments are the perfect thaw and go items!

Annie's Premier Cakes

David's Cookies Annie's Chocolate Overload Cake

Chocolate Overload Cake

Four dark chocolate rich cake layers stacked high with a milk chocolate mousse filling and covered in a decadanet chocolate ganache. The cake is then covered with generous amounts of big chocolate savings, since there can never be enough chocolate!

Ginsberg’s #462  2/14 slice

David's Cookies Annie's Persuasion Carrot Cake

Persuasion Carrot Cake

Fresh carrots blended with pecans, cinnamon, coconut and pineapple create this delicious carrot cake. Tangy cream cheese filling alternates between four moist cake layers. Swirled orange icing and a bright green leafy border might persuade to try a slice.

Ginsberg’s #463  2/14 slice

David's Tarts

David's Cookies New Mountain Berry Tart Dessert

Mountain Berry Tart

Enjoy a summer day with a slice of almond pastry cream tart mounded in a mountain of blueberries and raspberries. This beautiful tart is finished with a fruit glaze. 

Ginsberg’s #467  2/12 slice

David's Cookies New Lemon Flower Tart

Lemon Flower Tart

A smooth, creamy lemon curd that is just bursting with fresh lemon flavor with hand decorated pure buttercream rosettes. It’s not too sweet or too tart.

Ginsberg’s #464  2/12 slice

David's Muffin & Cookie Assortments

David’s Muffin & Cookie Assortments

David's Thaw & Serve French Toast Muffin

French Toast Muffin

Thaw & Serve. Grab and Go with a spin on a traditional breakfast. Muffin is packed with cinnamon, apple and butter flavor.

Ginsberg’s #470  12/6 oz

David's Cookie Assortment

Festive Cookie Assortment

Cookie’s is what is David’s is known for. Always have some on hand for events, gatherings and celebrations.

Ginsberg’s #469  1/5 lb tray

Package Your David's Desserts For Takeout!

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Really entice customers with visually appealing desserts placed in the right to go containers. Find out which desserts match with the hinged takeout containers we stock. Learn More

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