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Golden Tiger & Bernardi New Items


New Anjinmoto Items from Golden Tiger & Bernardi 

Did you know? Ajinomoto Foods has been around since 1909!? And they were the first to introduce the breaded mozzarella stick in foodservice in 1982?

Since then they have grown and expanded to bring so much more to meet all your menu ideas and needs! They are your one stop shop for global frozen cuisine with everything from mozzarella sticks to taquitos to egg rolls and everything in between from brands like Bernardi, Fred’s, Posada, Golden Tiger and more. Let them help you create great inspiring dishes by doing the prep work for you! Bringing global flavors to your menu!

Ajinomoto's Covid Response

New Golden Tiger Egg Rolls

Golden Tiger Chicken Egg Roll

G’s # 34263  60/3 oz rolls

An authentic egg noodle wrapper filled with generous amounts of chicken, vegetables, and Asian spices. Fry, microwave or bake this fully cooked item

Golden Tiger Chicken Egg Roll

Golden Tiger Vegetable Egg Roll

G’s # 34264  72/3 oz

A frozen, fully cooked egg filled with finely chopped vegetables, including cabbage, carrots, celery, onion and broccoli. Fry, microwave or bake in minutes.

New Bernardi Frozen Pasta

Bernardi 5 Cheese Grand-I-Oli Ravioli

G’s #35050   45/3.3 oz

Large hexagon shaped wheat pasta with garlic and spices, plus a blend of asiago, sharp provolone, parmesan, premium whole milk ricotta and mozzarella cheeses. Use in Italian dishes or be creative with Mexican inspired fresh salsa and jalapeno for the biggest stuffed pasta around. Frozen, ready to cook pasta that goes from freezer to plate in minutes saving time and labor.

Sauce Suggestions

Roasted Garlic & Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Ro*Tel Bolognese Sauce

Bernardi Beef Tortellini

G’s #34960   3/4 lb

Traditional authentic shape – Fully cooked and ready to eat…Just heat and serve.

Sauce Suggestions

Arrabbiata Sauce

Tortellini with Diced Tomatoes

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