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Hormel New Items

Hormel New Items

Hormel New Items Summer 2020

Save time and labor with Ginsberg’s latest additions to Hormel’s Fire Braised™ line or be creative on your menu with Fontanini’s 8 oz meatball.

Hormel Fire-Braised™ Meats

All Hormel Fire Braised™ meats are first seared with fire to caramelize the exterior and develop flavor. then they are slow-cooked until tender, moist and delicious.

Fire Braised™ Chicken Breast

G’s #56818  2/5 lb avg

Fully cooked chicken breasts are seared before being slow-cooked in their own juices. The results are a tender and juicy chicken breast with a delicious & visually appealing caramelized exterior.

Fire Braised Chicken Greek Grain Bowl

Fire Braised™ St. Louis Style Pork Ribs

G’s #57534 12 pc

Fully cooked and lightly seasoned so a signature sauce can be added to make it a classic, globally inspired, or comfort food dish. 100% natural (minimally processed, no artificial ingredients). Works great as smaller portions for appetizers, combo meals, small plates while whole or half racks and good for sharing plates or entrees.

Fire Braised™ Beef Short Ribs

#56825 4/2.5 lb avg

Fully cooked boneless beef short rib gently seasoned with red wine and rosemary. Works well in center of the plate applications, breakfast dishes, pasta and sandwiches.
Short Rib Tacos

Short Ribs With Polenta

Fontanini® Mamma Ranne® Meatballs

Eliminate food safety concerns with full cooked meatballs with an authentic Italian flavor and made from scratch quality.

Mamma Ranne Cooked 8 oz Meatball

G’s #56444 1/10 lb

Fully cooked signature meatballs made with beef, pork, and a fresh Italian spice blend that is great as an appetizer, meatball sandwich or on pasta. It has an authentic meaty bite and a delicious made from scratch flavor.

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