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Offer These New, But Soon To Be, Favorite Concession Foods From JJ Snack Foods On Your Menus This Summer

Fairs and festivals may be canceled due to Covid 19 this year, but that shouldn’t stop you from sharing the concept of concession snacks as a signature or summer time menu offering for dining or to-go! Check out these new items from JJ Snack Foods!

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Sweet Stuffer’s Smore’s Crust Pie

G’s #62416  96/1.8 oz

Picture creating your own campfire experience while biting into this sweet graham cracker pastry crust pie that fries in minutes and holds well under a heat lamp. 

California Churros 5″ Medium Churros Loops


G’s #62415  100/38 gram

Hand-crafted, Spanish style churro with an authentic loop shape and packed with cinnamon sugar. Perfect addition to summer menus as an appetizer, snack, or even as coffee pairing. Light and fluffy interior with a crispy and flavorful exterior. Craft your own experience with a build your own Churro topping bar!

Churro Recipes

Funnel Cake Factory 4″ Funnel Cake Fries


G’s #60916  600 ct

Bring the local county fair to your establishment this summer with the ultimate fair food… Funnel Cake! Delicious, pre-formed funnel cake fries that cut down on prep time. The interior stays warm and soft while the exterior crisps to perfection for a satisfying crunch. These funnel cake fries can be heated or fried. Top with powdered sugar for a traditional fare or serve with chocolate or caramel sauce. 

Funnel Cake Fry Recipes

SuperPretzel 4″ Soft Pretzel Fries


G’s #62413  345 ct

Soft pretzel fries are the perfect way to mix it up things! They can be enjoyed as a side or delicious appetizer dipped in your favorite sauces. And as an added bonus, it’s vegan and baked, not fried!

Pretzel Fry Recipes

SuperPretzel 4″ Big Soft Pretzel Fries


G’s #62414  350/.4 oz

Fully baked pretzel bites, simply heat and serve. Perfect for serving plain, salted or topped with your signature dips, cheeses and mustards.

Pretzel Bites Recipes

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