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Apple & Beet Salad with Pan Sear Garlic & Herb Shrimp

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• 24 ea Highliner Pan Sear™ Garlic & Herb Shrimp
• 3 Gala apples, sliced
• 3 large Beets, peeled and sliced
• 1 cup Pecan halves
• 1/2 cup Crumbled goat cheese
• 2 tbsp Balsamic glaze
• 3 cups Baby arugula
• 2 Gala apples peeled & diced
• 1 Shallot, diced
• 3 Tbsp Honey
• 1 Tbsp Fresh thyme leaves
• 1 cup Olive oil
• 1/2 cup Apple cider vinegar



  1. Cook Pan Sear Garlic Herb Shrimp according to box directions
  2. For salad dressing, sweat shallots and apples with a touch of oil and thyme leaves for approx. 5 min. Cool and then place into a bar blender with apple cider vinegar and honey. While blending on high speed, slowly add in the olive oil. Season and reserve
  3. Assemble salad by placing arugula into a bowl with apple slices and tossing gently with salad dressing. Place dressed arugula and apple slices into a serving vessel and add beets, pecans & goat cheese. Top with cooked pan sear garlic herb shrimp and drizzle with balsamic glaze.
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