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The Butcher Blend Breakfast Burger

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• 1 case of 8 oz Schweid & Sons Angus Butcher Blend Burgers
• 1 package of Great Lake Cheese Yellow or white sliced American cheese
• 1 package of Piantedosi 4.5″ Brioche Sliders Buns
• 20 Eggs
• 1-2 Packages of bacon, of your choosing
•  2 Onions


    1. Choose your favorite type of bacon, for breakfast or brunch, and first cook the bacon on a griddle or pan until desired crispiness. Remove the bacon from the heat and place the bacon on a paper towel or drip tray and set aside.
    2.  Slice your onion into thin strips, about 1/4″ wide and 4″ long, and using the same pan or griddle you used to cook the bacon, do not clean, add the onions to the leftover bacon grease in the pan or griddle and sauté until the onions are golden brown, remove from the heat and set aside.
    3. Remove your Schweid & Sons Angus Butcher Blend Burgers from the packaging and add them to your griddle or pan, cook each side of the burgers for 3-5 minutes over medium heat. 
    4. After you flip the burgers from one side to the other, top the burgers with 1-2 slices of Great Lakes Cheese and let it melt.
    5.  Take 2-3 pieces of bacon and place on top of the burger and cheese for the last 1-2 minutes of cooking.
    6. Remove the burger patties from the griddle or pan and place them on a Piantedosi 4.5″ brioche roll, top with the grilled onions and a fried egg. Serve with hash browns or fries and a pickle.Watch how the Breakfast Burger is made in the video below: 


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