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Cilantro Lime Rice Bowl with Gochujang Chicken Tenders

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• 1 bunch fresh Scallions
• 2 bunches fresh Cilantro
• 4 Limes
• 3 Avocados
• 5 Broccoli crowns
• 2 packages Mushrooms of choice
• 1 bag shredded Carrot
• Breaded Chicken Tenders or protein of your choice
• Gochujang sauce
• Paprika
• Salt
• Soy sauce
• Butter


  1. Prepare each individual ingredient and set aside to later build your bowl. 
  2. Slice and sauté the mushrooms in butter with a dash of paprika and salt and set aside 
  3. Cut broccoli into bite size pieces and blanch till bright green add a dash of soy sauce and set aside 
  4. Mince up fresh cilantro, Slice fresh scallions. Slice fresh limes, Slice avocado and set aside 
  5. Prepare the rice according to package and set aside 
  6. Prepare the chicken tenders according to package and toss in Gochujang sauce!  
  7. Feel free to substitute beef, pork, tofu, or an egg as your protein! 
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