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Coffee Cake Cinnamon French Toast




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• 24 oz Bake N Joy® Cinnamon Walnut Coffee Cake
• 1/4 cup Milk
• 2 Eggs
• Butter for skillet
• Powdered sugar, optional
• Maple syrup
• Fresh fruits



  1. Beat eggs and milk together in shallow bowl.
  2. Slice coffee cake into 1 5 inch pieces
  3. Dip each slice into egg mixture.
  4. Grill until golden brown on both sides.
  5. Sprinkle with powdered sugar and top with fresh fruit, if desired. Serve with maple syrup.
  6. *One 24 oz Coffee Cake will yield 8, 3 oz slices, but you can slice to any size desired.
  7. Want a “quicker” version? Simply grill slices of cake with no egg coating for a toasty and simple rendition!
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