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Salmon Pinwheels




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• 2 packages of Smoked salmon
• 1 block of Brighton Farms cream cheese
• 1 small jar of Capers
• ½ of Red onion minced
• 1 package of Father Sam’s wraps (4 wraps), your chocie


    1.  Lay your Father Sam’s wraps out on the counter, or a flat surface, and evenly coat the wraps with a thin layer of cream cheese.
    2.  Slice your red onion into quarters, and choose one quarter to mince.
    3.  Sprinkle the minced red onion, and 1-quarter of the capers jar onto the spread cream cheese on the wraps.
    4.  Add a thin layer of smoked salmon down the center of each of the wraps.
    5.  Roll each of the wraps tightly, like a cigar, and then slice the ends off of each of the wraps to round out the pinwheel log.
    6.  Slice each wrap into about 1.5″ rolls and arrange on a platter.
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