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Smash Burger Taco

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• 1 case of 2.75 oz Schweid & Sons Angus smash steak burgers
• 1 package of Great Lake Cheese Yellow or white sliced American cheese
• 1 package of 6″ La Banderita Flour tortillas
• Lettuce, shredded
• Tomatoes, diced
• Avocados, diced
• White onion, diced


    1. Begin by slicing your lettuce, washing it, and setting it aside. Also, dice the onions, tomatoes, and avocados, and once cut, place them into the fridge to keep chilled.
    2. Start adding the Schweid & Sons Angus smash steakburger patties to a heated flattop grill or large fry pan.
    3. Once the burgers are flipped, use the back of your spatula or other flattening implement to thoroughly smash each burger patty.
    4. When the burgers are almost cooked through, add a slice of Great Lakes cheese atop each patty, then place a La Bandertia 6″ flour tortilla on top of the cheese. 
    5. Flip the burger, tortilla, and cheese all together and brown the tortilla on the other side, for about 1 to 2 minutes. Optional: add another slice of cheese on top of the burger patty for an extra cheesy option.
    6. Remove the combined burger patty and tortilla from the grill and fold each in half, like a taco, place in a taco stand, and garnish with the lettuce, tomatoes, avocados, onion, or other toppings of your choosing.

      Watch how the Smashburger Taco is made in the video below: 

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