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Transportation Supervisor Application

Our Transportation Team is essential in keeping Americans fed.  If you’re a people-person who likes being part of the solution, apply today to be a part of our team!


The Transportation Supervisor, under the direction of the Transportation Director and Transportation Manager, is responsible for the safe and efficient operation of our company’s transportation team. The Transportation Supervisor manages the scheduling of drivers and helpers, conducts daily startup meetings, coordinates activities of drivers and helpers after they have been dispatched, handles maintenance and repair functions, supports the drivers in resolving issues with their vehicles, product, and customers, and provides supervision over Driver Trainers and all other Transportation Department personnel.


Essential Functions:

    1. Assists with the development of departmental strategies, policies and standards that are aligned to the Company’s strategic plan.
    2. Direct and oversee the work of Routing and Transportation Administrator, direct involvement with routing strategies, optimization and service decisions.
    3. Oversite of Omnitracs with Transportation Administrator, maintaining system, reporting, compliance.
    4. Coordinates and directs departmental activities consistent with established goals, objectives, and policies.
    5. Schedules Drivers and Helpers on delivery and pick-up routes.
    6. Identifies and immediately corrects unsafe conditions or actions by employees.
    7. Conducts counseling and corrective action regarding driver infractions of rules, policies, and procedures.
    8. Ensures that fleet maintenance, repairs, and other functions are addressed in a satisfactory and timely manner.
    9. Assists with the completion of annual employee performance evaluations.
    10. Administer weekly payroll and exception, incentive payments.
    11. Participates in the interviewing process concerning the recruitment of drivers and other Transportation Department staff.
    12. Oversees the work of the departmental trainers to ensure that training objectives are met and that all employees have the necessary skills to perform their job functions successfully.
    13. Assists with the scheduling and general day-to-day operations of the Transportation Department.
    14. Conducts truck accident investigations and personal injury investigations.
    15. Receives, responds to, and resolves complaints received from customers, vendors, and other company departments.


  1. Understand DOT Laws, Rules and Regulations
  2. Ability to supervise and direct others

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