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Chef Pierre Pie Program Success For Every Season

Chef Pierre pies are not your typical in-store bakery pies. They are made from time-honored recipes, quality ingredients and responsible sourcing. In fact all the pies are scratch-made in batches and shrink-wrapped on the line. Your customers will love the convenience of purchasing a traditional Chef Pierre holiday pie right from your cafe or restaurant by creating your own profitable pie program!  Remember…. dessert season is every season!

Chef Pierre Pie Take Out Pie Program

Create A Take Home Chef Pierre Pie Program

Having a selection of mouthwatering pies available for customers to pre-order, pre-pay and choose a pick-up time slot is a convenient way for them to buy holiday pies. Draw new customers to your cafe or restaurant and establish an ongoing holiday tradition that customers will look forward to each year. Build loyalty and add value to your relationship with customers.

  1. Start with at least 3 to 4 traditional pies and add from there!
  2. Promote your program throughout your establishment with signage, holiday themed display at your entrance or near the cash register. Social media is your friend!
  3. Offer customer the option to pick up prebaked, ready-to-serve or frozen ready to bake pies
  4. Customers pre-order and choose their pick-up time slot. Offer order forms in your establishment or online. Give customers a completed pick up form.
  5. Repack in to-go-boxes.  Consult with your Ginsberg’s Rep on what packaging will work best for your bakery offerings. Add a special touch to your packaging with parchment paper and custom to-go stickers
  6. Need nutritional labels for pies? Click here for the Nutrition Label Maker to create labels for any of our Chef Pierre® pies.

Chef Pierre Pie Program Starter Kit

Chef Pierre Pie Program kit includes customer order form, customer pick up form, graphics, posters, flyers, custom to go sticker template & table tents

LTO Promotional Calendars

Remember to add limited time offer menu suggestions to help capitalize on a pie program all year round.  Make every month a profitable opportunity to sell more desserts. Use this calendar to identify key holidays matched to perfect pie and cheesecake pairings.

Chef Pierre Pie Trends

Chef Pierre Everything Apple

Chef PIerre Everything Blueberry

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Chef Pierre Rebates & Operator Programs

Sara Lee Chef Pierre Sweet Perks Operator Reward Program

Sara Lee Sweet Perks Operator Program

This program, will reward you for every product you purchase with increasing perks as up move up the tiers.

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