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Crestview Poultry

CrestView Poultry Wayne Farms Chicken foodservice wholesale

Crestview Poultry™ – It’s Poultry With A Purpose!

Crestview Poultry™ value-added line up includes Sous Vide, Fully Cooked and Ready to Cook chicken products.

Crestview is the perfect blend of convenience, quality, and flavor. Their chicken provides critical time and labor savings all while elevating your center-of-the-plate menu! It’s designed to deliver versatility and convenience to the busiest of kitchens without sacrificing quality.

Chicken Breast Fillets

Crestview Poultry fully cooked sous vide chicken wayne farms chicken

Fully Cooked
Sous Vide Chicken Breast Fillet
54164  36/4 oz

Crestview Poultry Wayne Farms Chicken Breast Fully Cooked

4 oz Chicken Breast Fillet
54101   40/4 oz

Crestview Poultry Wayne Farms Fully Cooked Italian breaded chicken breast

Fully Cooked 4.6 oz
Italian Breaded Chicken Breast
54149   35/4.6 oz

Jumbo Chicken Wings

Wayne Farms Crestview Breaded Jumbo Chicken Wings

Fully Cooked
Breaded Chicken Wings
54494  3/5 lb

Wayne Farms Crestview Fully Cooked Jumbo Spicy Cooked Chicken Wings

Fully Cooked
Spicy Breaded Chicken Wings
54507  3/5 lb

Wayne Farms Crestview Fully Cooked Jumbo Steamed Chicken Wings

Fully Cooked
Steamed Jumbo Chicken Wings
54510  3/5 lb

Chicken Tenders

Wayne Farms Crestview Poultry Breaded Chicken Tender

Ready To Cook  2 oz
Lightly Breaded Chicken Tender
54589  2/5 lb


Chicken is a tried and true staple on the menu, but 2023 trends include new variations of chicken sandwich. Chicken wings will never go out of style and are well suited for on-the-go. They will continue to be a key item on in-house and takeout menus. In order to capitalize on these trends, retailers ideally need foodservice solutions that optimize their menu opportunities with restaurant-quality offerings, without sending their labor costs through the roof.  Keep in mind consumers want to challenge their taste buds more than ever and this includes new levels of hot, spicy, sweet, and savory!

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