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Foodie Fix October 2020

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Learn More About The Items In Your October Foodie Fix Box!

We have included nutritional, preparation, incentive and suggestions for all the contents in your Foodie Fix Box on this page. We are sure there is an item or two that you can find a way to incorporate into your menu. Have fun and experiment, and don’t forget to let your Ginsberg’s Sales Rep know your thoughts on these items.

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Wayne Farms Sous Vide Chicken Breast  #54164  36/4 oz


Wayne Farms® provides a sous vide chicken option that reflects the values, beliefs and needs of unique consumer segments. They support an amazing chicken experience from traditional to no antibiotics ever (NAE) poultry products.

Sous vide cooking creates delicious more tender and juicer dishes than most traditional methods. As we all know, cooking chicken to tender, juicy perfection can be a challenge in any busy kitchen. Wayne Farms Sous Vide Chicken Breast Fillets are marinated in a savory broth and flame grilled to seal in with all the delicious juices to ensure a tender bit every time! 

Wayne Farms Sous Vide Chicken Breasts

Sous Vide Back Of House Benefits

  • Fully cooked state allows for open and serve or heat and serve convenience, thus reducing risk and saving labor.
  • Chicken breasts can also be held in a hot water bath for quick and easy serving.
  • Fillets are consistently sized an identical portion every time, reducing waste and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Wayne Farms Sous Vide Chicken Breast Storage & Handling

Keep frozen until ready to heat and serve. Fully Cooked

Remove from pouch and reheat to >140°F.

We  Stock Two Wayne Farms Sous Vide Chicken Breast

 Featured in this month’s box was the FROZEN 36/4 oz breast, but we also stock a REFRIGERATED NAE 24/6 oz breast G’s #54163. The video below shows menu applications from cold to warm!

Wayne Farms Sous Vide Chicken Recipes

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De Yulio’s 4″ Sweet Italian Sausage Links  #57310  1/10 lb.


Making Italian Sausage Has Been A De Yulio’s family tradition for four generations. We are a family owned and operated business; as such we personally see to it that each of our customers is satisfied.  Our many years of experience gives us the leading edge in the sausage industry.  Delivering a consistent premium quality product with great service is important to us.

De Yulio's Sweet Italian Sausage Links

De Yulios Sweet Italian Sausage

  • Gluten Free
  • Ideal for Paleo diets and can be added to breakfast dishes like a frittata.

De Yulio’s Sweet Italian Sausage Storage and Handling

Keep frozen until use

Can be grilled, baked or pan fried until golden brown and internal temperature of 170°F is reached

De Yulio’s Sausage Recipes

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Kontos Vegetarian Greek Lifestyle Flatbread  #4428  12/4 ct

Kontos Thin Light Flatbread #4426  12/6 ct


It’s our traditional Hand-Stretching method that makes all the difference. Our flatbread bakes to a golden brown on the outside, but stays light and flavorful on the inside.

Kontos GreekStyle Flatbread


Kontos Greek Lifestyle Flatbread

Similar to the benefits of Greek Yogurt, Kontos Greek Lifestyle Flatbread has more protein, and less carbohydrates, sugar and calories than most traditional Pocket-Less Pita® and other Flatbreads.

  • Ideal for wraps, roll-ups or for a breadbasket
  • Hand- stretched for fluffiness
  • Contains No Trans Fat, and 100% Vegetarian

Kontos Greek Lifestyle Flatbread Storage & Handling

Storage Keep Frozen

Shelf Life: Ambient 21 days, Refrigerated 30 days, Frozen 1 year


Kontos Light Thin Flatbread


Kontos Light Thin Flatbread

Our first “Thin” Flatbread; with 40% less calories than traditional Kontos Flatbreads; providing a “Light” alternative.

  • Contains No Cholesterol, No Trans Fat and is 100% Vegan
  • Ideal for sandwiches, perfect as bread for the breadbasket, or cut into wedges (or strips) to serve with dips and spreads

Kontos Greek Light Thing  Flatbread Storage & Handling

Storage Keep Frozen

Shelf Life: Ambient 30 days, Refrigerated 45 days, Frozen 1 year


Kontos Flatbread Recipes

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Sweet Street Individually Wrapped Manifesto Cookies

Lemon Blueberry Cookie  #22508  48/2.8 oz

Zoe’s Crush Cookie  #22509  48/1.9 oz


At Sweet Street, we’ve taken our passion to bake cleaner, more wholesome desserts to a new level with our Manifesto® line of cookies and individually wrapped treats.

Every batch of our freshly baked Manifesto® individually wrapped products is made from simple ingredients befitting of your pantry and we go to great lengths ensuring these ingredients are free of additives and GMO’s. We mix in only pure cane sugar, cage free eggs and sustainably grown chocolates—ensuring that farmers and their families are taught better farming practices, helping them protect their land for future generations. Imagine…an indulgence to feel good about. Each bite crafted to preserve and honor the rich culture of these beloved classics the best way we know how…deliciously!

IW Lemon Blueberry Manifesto Cookies

Buttery lemony melt-in-your-mouth sugar cookies plump with wild Maine Blueberries.  Free of GMO’s, additives and artificial colors and made with only pure cane sugar and cage free eggs.

IW Zoe’s Crush Gluten Free Manifesto Cookies

It’s Human Nature: you always crave what you don’t have. Zoe’s Crush is that perfect mix of both. It’s sweet with a subtle hint of savory that satisfies for a long time. The crush of toffee, almonds, toasted sesame, candied ginger, single origin Peruvian chocolate and delicate hint of miso make it umami…aka delicious and deeply satisfying. Oh and by the way, it’s certified gluten free.

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