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Ore-Ida Brand

Ore-Ida Brand

Over 60 years of trusted potato quality 


 “Best in Class” quality


A potato for every need


Fries are up to 2xs more profitable when used across the menu vs. just as a side item.

French Fries are the most- ordered item at restaurants, ahead of carbonated soft drinks and alcohol.

* Based on approximate total plate food costs, including average distributor markup. 1 Datassentials, Jan. 2019

Exclusive Ore-Ida Products

3/8” Regular Cut French Fries

#97125 6/5 lb 

5/16” Thin Cut French Fries

#97126  6/5 lb

Steak Cut French Fries

#97127  6/5 lb

½” Crinkle Cut French Fries

#97123  6/5 lb

1/4” Shoestring French Fries

#97124  6/5 lb

IQF Shredded Hashbrowns

#97129  6/3 lb

Potato Puffs

#97265   6/5 lb

The Right Products For Take-out Delivery

Customers want everything they want, everywhere they want it. That means providing the right products for take-out and delivery.

To Keep Heat

Choose fries or edges featuring thicker cuts like 3/8” or wedges

Use napkins to insulate

Consider lids and other means to keep food fully covered

To Preserve Crispness & Remove Moisture

Choose fries with a batter or coating

Use vented containers or vent your existing ones

Choosing the Right Take Out Container

  1. Make sure clamshells have at least 15 holes total in the top and each of the side
  2. Wrap burger in foil to retain its heat
  3. Place absorbent napkins between layers and within the container
  4. Place food in container with a napkin under fries to help absorb moisture
  5. Close lid to retain heat and place clamshell in a bag
  6. Roll and seal bag with Secureit
Folded Cartons
  1. Remove side flaps to allow the carton to vent
  2. Insert napkin to absorb moisture before inserting food
  3. Wrap burger/sandwich in foil to retain heat and place in carton
  4. Place fries
  5. Fold napkin ends over the top of the and a close remaining flaps
  6. Place additional napkins in bottom of a bag to absorb moisture
  7. Roll and seal bag with SecureIt for travel

On Trend French Fry Menu Inspirations

Secret Sauce Fries

Shoestring fries with a drizzle of old-fashioned Thousand Island dressing, a generous mound of sauerkraut, rich, melted Swiss cheese and chopped herbs.

Seoul Fries

Crispy golden french fries are sprinkled with Korean spices in an appetizer smothered in tender shredded beef, spicy kimchi, mayo and green onions.

Sicilian Fries

Fries seasoned with chopped garlic, extra-virgin olive oil, Parmesan shreds, cracked black pepper and chopped basil for a classy side or snack.

Pepperoni Pizza Fries

Crispy thick-cut fries are topped with flash-fried pepperoni slices, marinara sauce and mozzarella. Served sprinkled with a dusting of Parmesan.

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