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On Top Soft Whip Pourable Topping

G’s #22184  12/19 oz

A pourable, drinkable, ready-to-use cold foam with a sweet cream flavor and light texture that allows for delicious layering. This product is easy to handle after thawed with just three easy steps: shake, open and pour from the carton to add sweet cream flavor and a hint of vanilla to any beverage. No artificial flavors or colors, no HFCS, no PHOs and is made with cream. Ideal for cold brew coffee!

Rich's Sea Salt Fudge Filled Cookie

Rich’s Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough with Fudge Filling

G’s #22182  96/3 oz

What’s better than biting into a freshly-baked cookie and discovering decadent fudge in the center? These preformed generous 3 oz. cookies, makes portioning easy so you can be sure you’re offering the same amount every time. Bake from frozen in a rotary oven at 350°F for 14-17 minutes, a convection oven at 300°F for 15-18 minutes, or a rack oven at 350°F for 13-16 minutes.

Rich's Raspberry Filled Shortbread Cookies

Raspberry Filled Shortbread Cookie Dough

G’s #22183  90/1.5 oz

Delicious all-butter shortbread cookie filled with a sweet raspberry jam center made with only real, premium ingredients. Bake from frozen in a convection oven at 330°F for 15-17 minutes or until golden brown. Think of serving with raspberry sorbet, gelato or even fresh raspberries!

Rich's Cream Puff Shells

Cream Puff Shells

G’s #1262  60/1.02 oz

Larger unfilled creme puff shells that perfect to fill with Bavarian creme or whipped topping, cut and serve. Keep frozen until required for service.

New Rich’s Flatbreads

Rich's Sweet Potato Pizza Crust

Gluten Free 10″ Spiced Sweet Potato Crust

G’s #22185  24/5.2 oz

Smoked paprika, garlic powder and black pepper blend with delicious sweet potato flavor, simple ingredients and colorful visual appeal. It’s simple to transform these crusts from Rich’s into premium personal pizzas, panini carries, quiche crusts and more. Vegan and gluten free!

Rich's Thin Crust Flat Bread

Oven Fired Thin Flat Pizza Crust

G’s #2645  50/5.3 oz

A par-baked flatbread produced from high protein wheat flour. Product has golden brown baked color on top dotted by herb and spice particles. There are golden brown grill marks on the bottom.

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