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A Quality Take Out Container Matters

Why take out containers matter for meal delivery and to go bags from the Why Chef Blog. Learn how to pick out a quality take out container

Why Quality Take-Out Containers Matter? 


Studies have shown that 67% of customers rank the quality of the container as the most important. It makes sense if you think about it.  Presentation does matter. We eat with our eye first. Why should presentation lack just because I took my food to go? Wouldn’t you also prefer that your food’s quality is not diminished during transport? When I arrive home, I do not want to open a box to a jumble mess of mixed-up foods, soggy fries or a leaky bag. Have you ordered your own food for take out, waited 20 minutes open the container and see how everything looks or reheats? Well, you should and you might be surprised with what you see!

To avoid this, you could purchase containers with separate compartments or simply package each element separately. All these things can easily be prevented by packaging your items in the proper containers.  Here are some simple tips of what foods should be placed in what containers that will only look good, but taste better. 




Health and Safety of Take-Out Container & Packaging

Then there is the aspect of health and safety.  Proper ventilation of hot items is important to avoid the growth of bacteria due to a build of heat and moisture. Attention to detail is important! Oo let’s think about what we package our food in. Also, be sure to properly label each container especially if there was a dietary restriction or allergy involved in the order. Separate packaging to avoid any possibility of cross-contamination and labeling to put the customer’s mind at ease.  

Brand Your Take Out Containers

We know everything about every product we use and see because of branding. From the foods we eat, cars we buy, to the shoes we walk in. Branding is everything and it links customers to products. And your product is your food and restaurant! Branding is so important in the food service industry.  It builds trust, loyalty, and is a big asset to your business. Especially if you are packaging items for retail sale. Be sure items look nice in their packaging and that your business name is promptly displayed. You can add a sticker to the container or box with heating instructions, to the outside bag or custom print bags with your brand.  You want customer to remember your to go food not only looks good but also tastes good. They will remember where their meal came from the next time they order.  

Sustainability of Take Out Packaging

Concerned with waste? Sustainable to go containers are making a wave in the culinary world.  Zero-waste packaging is available from recyclable containers to compostable from your beverage containers to your flatware. If it seems to be too complicated, then you could always stick with universal aluminum. It’s versatile in that it is recyclable, allows for a lovely presentation, is leak-resistant, and easily reheats in the oven.So make the switch to a quality container if you haven’t already. 

Government Regulations on PFAS

Keep in mind as of January 1st, 2023, all PFAS containers are illegal to use in New York State. This means any packages or packaging components that are intended for direct food contact and are comprised mainly of paper, paperboard, or other materials originally derived from plant fibers. This includes carrying cases, cups, pails, trays, wrapers, bags soup cups and boxes, etc.. Please check with your state to see what the law are for PFAS. 

Not every item on your menu will work for to-go delivery meals. Ask your Ginsberg’s sales consultant which items will work and with what containers for the best impression!

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