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Why Should You Sit In Your Restaurant Dining Room?

I dare you to stop for a moment and take a seat in your own restaurant dining room.

You might be asking yourself, “Why should I sit in my own dining room?” Try it, and get back to me, I guarantee you will find at least three needed improvements in less than two minutes.

These improvements you find may be complicated or maybe they are extremely simple, hopefully. Something as easy as a rocking table due to uneven flooring can ruin a guest’s experience at your restaurant dining room. The simple solution in this instance is to shave down a wine cork and slide it under the higher end of the table leg. But be ready for a more complicated issue, like realizing your flooring needs to be replaced.

There also might be other issues you have yet to notice in the hustle and bustle of the everyday. Perhaps the cobwebs on the ceiling have magically reappeared or you need to adjust the position of your décor for a fresh look. What if you have a chair that is literally on its last leg? Is that coffee splattered up the wall, why wasn’t that cleaned up? Are those napkins on the floor? And make sure you look up, as guests often do. Why? We may never know but they do.

The bottom line is taking a few moments each day to look around your space will ensure that your establishment is in tip-top shape for your guests. Why take the time for this? First impressions matter!

Restaurant Maintenance isn’t exciting, but implementing a well-defined checklist will help you catch issues before they become bigger and expensive problems.

Implement the 5S Method For Minor Checkups

  • Sort all tools from keepers to those that need to be discarded
  • Straighten where you put your tools to maximize efficiency
  • Shine by keeping kitchen work areas clean and orderly and don’t forget your washrooms, entrances and eating areas
  • Standardize by creating a plan and have a checklist
  • Sustain the processes by training your employees to perform tasks without being told

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