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Why Are There Supply Chain Shortages On Everything

Why Chef Supply Chain Shortages

Food Logistics notates SKU proliferation, food freshness, seasonal peaks, and labor shortages are the top modern food distribution challenges. The pandemic has added extra pressures to supply chain shortages beyond these concerns.

The global supply chain shortages have screwed everything. We’re experiencing the perfect storm of shortage issues. From limited raw material availability, overwhelming demand, employee shortages, ransomware attacks to weather extremes are just a few.

In the USA, we’re experiencing shortages on everything from bacon to diapers. One reason we’re unable to get certain goods is because the USA doesn’t manufacture many things, which means we import more than we export.

“In the decade leading up to the pandemic American companies spent more than 6 trillion dollars to buy their own shares. The benefit was for investors and executives whose pay packages include hefty allocations of stock have come at the expense of whatever the company might have otherwise done with its money investing to expand capacity or stockpiling parts.” (The New York Times)

Another factor impacting supply and causing shortages, that has not gotten enough press in my opinion, is the lack of professional drivers. While many of us were privileged to have the opportunity to stay home throughout the pandemic. Our essential workers were not able to have the same experience. The only way for some of us to get supplies was to have them delivered directly to our front door. It seems many have adapted to the convenience of next-day delivery. There aren’t any signs showing us this will slow down and be like the good ol’ days.   

We have also shifted into this on-demand society, a crisis of our own making. Seriously, ask yourself how did we get to a place where we have a national chicken wing shortage? So much for… Ain’t no thing but a chicken wing.

How do we get out of this mess or prevent it from happening again in the future? Having an awareness for the true price of the products you buy. Reach out to your local representatives to request that the community move forward with a new business model where everybody wins! Until then, know that this is affecting everyone, and everything so be patient as we all try to figure our way out together.

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