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Why Should You Attend The 2022 Food Show

Ginsberg's Food Show 2022

Why Should I Attend This Year’s Food Expo

Finally, life begins to give us a glimpse of what we once called normal with a industry food show… but is it?  

The reality is we have a new normal and we need to roll with it. COVID has completely redefined our industry from our cost of doing business, hours of operation to the staff we can not seem to find. Yet somehow we have managed to continue to adapt and reinvent creating a rebirth of our industry and recording record sales.  

This year’s food show is also having a rebirth

 The focus is no longer on special pricing and commodities but new products, labor savings and product education.  

The main reason to come out and join us is to reconnect with your colleagues, sales representatives and brokers. Networking is an important part of our business.  How many times have you attended an event or simply gone out to dinner and run into a familiar face. It never seems to fail that the next day of business they are in your establishment! 

Education is a high priority at this expo as new concepts and product lines will be unveiled. These products could solve some of your labor issues by eliminating hours of prep time. There will be a new item area in the center of the floor showcasing products.   

The polystyrene ban went into effect January 2022… check out all our new take-out product solutions eco-friendly options you can see and touch before deciding what to buy.   

Take a break and catch one or all our of live chef demonstrations from Campbell’s, Unilever and Bonewerks.  They will be showing you exactly how some of these products can simplify your every day. 

Most importantly come hungry as it will be a day full of tiny delights to awaken your palate and hopefully cause inspiration to strike.  

Top Takeaways For the Food Show

  1. Networking 
  2. Product education 
  3. Takeout solutions 
  4. Chef Demonstrations 
  5. Happy Tasting  

Ginsberg's Food Expo

Learn more about this year’s show including vendors, demonstrations and brewery tastings. Come up with a game plan with your sales rep to prioritize the vendors with solutions for your needs. 

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