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Why Focus on Valentine’s Day

Why Chef - Focus on Valentine's Day

Why should I focus on Valentine’s Day? 

February is typically a slow month in the restaurant industry, however it does give us one golden opportunity.  Valentine’s day could really bump up your bank account if you are willing to create something special.  The one gift that everyone likes is the gift of a great meal! Now we just need to take it from every day to this special day. After all, FOOD IS LOVE!  

Easy Touches To Add To The Experience

Prix fixe menus are a great start to building that perfect event.  This also allows you to closely manage your food cost allowing greater profit. 

The setting for this meal is important so pay close attention to music and lighting and do not crowd your guests.

  • Taking reservations will give you the opportunity to layout the perfect setting and seating chart.
  • Fresh flowers and candlelight or maybe change to red, pink, or white linens for the night.
  • Surprise your guests with an Amuse – bouche. This could be a savory Aphrodisiac like Oysters, Maybe is just some heart-shaped chocolates or chocolate cover strawberries to awaken the pallet.  
  • Offer a wine paring or champagne toast could up your bottom line.
  • Don’t forget dessert! This is the day to step up your game. Create a beautiful dessert tray as it’s hard to say no to a cake staring you in the face. Remember this is a night of indulgence your guests will indulge themselves!

Other Things To Consider For Your Valentine’s Day Meals

  •  Now let’s get real not everyone is in love or in love with this day. Consider offering a single meal to stay or to-go and call it something like Love Thy Self.
  • Be sure to advertise the option of take-out. Be prepared to send your customers home with the full experience not just the meal. Include the flowers and the candles don’t forget the Amuse.  

Top Things For A Restaurant to Consider this Valentine’s Day

  1. Prix fixe Menu
  2. Reservations a must 
  3. Ambiance  
  4. Take it all to go 

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