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Why Is Excellent Service So Important?

Why Chef Excellent Service is Important

Why is Excellent Service So Important?

Excellent service says “you appreciate my business and that my level of satisfaction matters to you. “

When I go out to eat it is not just for the food, although good food is always a must. Many guests, myself included, want to socialize, relax, be catered to, and not have to lift anything other than my fork and wine glass. The level of service should say – you’re worth the extra effort.  It also often affects a guest’s impression of the food.

Why is the service better in a fine dining establishment than in a family style restaurant? Why isn’t there excellence expectations at any and every level? Great service begins with courtesy from the moment the guest steps foot into your establishment.

The second course should be customer service. This means straightforward communication and genuine attention to every detail and every guest. If there is a problem, it should be addressed and remedied immediately with clear and concise direction.

When dinner is through be sure to thank your guests, even invite them back and if you are really at the top of your game, remember my name on future visits. Chances are if you treat me exceptionally, I will be back, most likely with friends and I might even brag to my co-workers about how wonderful the experience was.

So why focus on excellent service? It can only improve your business! Your customers will be happy, and you will be happier. The only cost of good service is time for proper training. So be attentive, know your repeat offenders and reward your regulars!

Simple Restaurant Tips to Deliver Excellent Service

Excellent service includes onsite dining and user experience online.  It’s the new hybrid service of our post-pandemic dining experience as foot traffic is no longer a primary business driver.

Make your online presence truly represent you! Menus need to be easy to find on your website and social media accounts. Food photos match the style of your restaurant.

Share daily specials and events on your social media accounts. Make sure your customers are seeing you on-line by updating your social media accounts to keep you fresh in their minds.

Make it personal. Offer a unique experience by collecting birthdates for special treats. By slowly gathering information from your customers through newsletters, qr codes, menus and table tents, you can use them as multiple opportunities to engage them in future experiences.

Use multiple channels. Use the platform your target audience prefers. Don’t forget SMS, Messenger and WhatsApp along with the main traditional social media platforms.


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