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Why Offer Plant-Based Protein?

Plant-based Burger on Menu

Why Offer More Plant-Based Options?

The plant-based foods movement is on the rise and is most likely here to stay.  So embrace it! In fact, sales have grown 43 percent in the past two years- 9x faster than total food sales! These foods are made from plants that contain no animal-derived ingredients. Your customers may be already on the search for these healthier meal alternatives. If they are eating it at home, they’ll want the option when they go out. 

Overall Improved Health 

The proof is in the pudding! It has been shown that eating a plant-based diet can reduce your blood pressure, hypertension, cholesterol. It could even help prevent heart disease and type two diabetes. The vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, and antioxidants from plants support your immune system, reduce inflammation It can also help you maintain a healthy weight. The list of benefits list goes on and on.  If you’re interested in pursuing a plant-based diet we recommend consulting with your medical professional. 

Helps Protect the Environment

They also lessen the pollution of waterways from livestock waste. Less water is used for growing plants than what is required for raising animals. Plant-based eating literally helps protect the environment.

Most Plant-Based Consumers are Flexitarian

The surge in plant-rich consumer requests doesn’t mean everyone is turning to a strict vegan or vegetarian diet. Most are now Flexitarian. This category of consumers is simply just cutting down their meat intake. They are primarily sustaining themselves on grains, fruits, vegetables, and dairy. Think of meat, not as a centerpiece but consider it a condiment! This rise in limiting meat intake has sparked the creation of the first plant-based meat substitutes. These substitutes range from burgers to fish sticks. Now it is easier than ever to add some delicious meat-free items to your existing menu. The best part about plant-based items is they ship frozen. They are best kept that way until they are ready to serve, so there is no potential for extra waste. You literally have nothing to lose by getting on board the plant-based express.

Top Ways to Promote Plant-Based Menus

    1. Make flavor the primary message – Boost flavors with salt, pepper, herbs, spices, garlic, citrus juices, oils, vinegar and sauces. 
    2. Price competitively – Aim for a small 5-10% premium as consumers are willing to pay more for plant-based items.
    3. Don’t isolate plant-based items in separate menu sections – integrate with similar dishes. The more plant-rich menu options consumers see mixed in the menu, the more they will tend to like and see it as normal. 
    4. Keep it familiar with familiar flavors and preparations. Think plant-based meatballs with marinara sauce over spaghetti
    5. Mark items as vegan or vegetarian subtly and use small symbols.
    6. Get your team excited and train frontline staff on how to market dishes.
    7. Start with a plant-based menu item and allow diners to add meat to a plant-rich dish for a surcharge.
    8. Offer diners free samples or taste-testing events for plant-rich dishes.



Ask your Ginsberg’s Sales Consultant for alternative proteins.  Learn more with the Playbook for Guiding Diners Toward Plant-Rich Dishes in Foodservice


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