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Why Pay Bills Online?

Why Chef Pay Bills Online

Why Should You Pay Your Invoices Online?

At this point, I am not sure why you are not already doing so. Chances are you pay most if not all your personal bills online. So why are you not doing the same for your business invoices?

  • The amount of time you would save from sitting down writing physical checks then mailing them should be enough to encourage the switch. You will also save the cost of stamps, envelopes and checks. Has snail mail ever cost you a late fee… well? Paying online is faster, safer and easier than the check and stamp method. It also eliminates the procrastination factor that often leads to late fees or account holds.
  • Then there’s the fact that you are going green and making a dent in waste to save our planet. Get rid of all your paper by opting to have your bank statements emailed to you.
  • Most companies even allow you to pay with a credit card. This can not only save you money, but earn you money with credit cards offering cash back or miles. Even if there is a fee associated with credit card payment, the benefits generally outweigh any fee. Please ask your Ginsberg’s Sale Consultant about our Online Bill Pay process.
  • Another reason to pay bills online is to help declutter your finances and eliminate piles of papers on your desk. You will spend a minimal amount of time setting up your online bill pay account once. Then you will be ready to roll. This also gets you organized and keeps you organized. Paying online allows you to see all your records immediately, so if something is amiss you will know.

So why wait? Take a few minutes and sign up for an online account or download the app and benefit in five ways


Reasons To Pay Invoices Online

  1. Less clutter
  2. Easy organization
  3. Go green and save the planet
  4. Credit card payment options
  5. Fast, Easy, and Safe

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