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Why Sell Coffee & Dessert

Sell Coffee with desserts to boost profits. Ginsberg's foods local food distributor stocks restaurant supplies including coffee, dairy free milk alternatives

Selling coffee and dessert

…It’s as easy as apple pie to sell coffee and dessert, because the hardest part is already done. By this point in the service the customer has already been through your door, sat at your table, dug into your chow. Now for the last step, you need them to just keep eating and dessert trays are the easiest way to close an additional sale. It is easy for a guest to say no to a menu or a server reading a list. It’s harder to resist that mouthwatering dessert staring straight at them from the tray just a few tables over.

Boost Morale of Your Staff

Use these lucrative slices of sugar as a morale booster with your team. Keep the dessert tray in the refrigerator and let your staff enjoy them at the end of their shift. You can also send home the leftovers with the server that sold the most desserts that evening. It is important to keep the tray looking fresh as well, presentation is the name of the game here.

Coffee And Dessert Is A Money Maker

Nothing goes better with dessert than a cup of coffee or step-up your game with a specialty coffee or boozy brew. On average you will make a twenty-five percent profit on a cup of coffee and that’s just plain old drip. There is always that one person at the table who will opt for an after-dinner drink instead of dessert. Guests enjoy sharing these plates as well, dessert trios, and items like variety mini cheesecakes, or a Pot de Crème flight are nice options. When it comes to desserts, guests seem to take on a “treat yourself” mantra and do not mind paying between $12 – $20 per dessert. Most tables will at least order one to share, simply by being asked if they are interested. There is a big, beautiful world of desserts out there that all you need to do is thaw and serve. No extra work for you and your team, simply more profit for everyone. 

TREND ALERT! Make The Best Dessert Charcuterie Board

While “charcuterie” can equate to European luxury and sophistication, meat-and-cheese plates are no stranger to American social scenes.  Today, social media has converted traditional boards to be used for anything on the menu. These boards are fueling party-goers and fending off hunger as restaurant appetizers. 

It’s no longer about just cured meats and specialty cheeses. Charcuterie boards now include bagel or pancake-topped breakfast, colorful candy charcuterie boards, snack-attack charcuterie boards, and casual family artisanal DIY-meal. So why shouldn’t the ultimate indulgence DESSERT join the trend …of course sold with specialty coffee!

Restaurants are taking advantage of the concept as an alternative to buffet displays, catering options, appetizers, and to-go menus. Small bite-sized pieces allow for portion control and share-ability, a concept that consumers are starting to get more comfortable with.

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