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Why Should We Thank Millennials

Millennials raising the next Foodies

Millenials Are Raising True #Foodies

Gen Alpha is the reason why we should appreciate the millennials.  I am here to remind you that they need your attention. This new generation was created by the Millennials and before you pass any judgment, keep reading.

Yes, we’re talking about the same Millennials with that laid back approach to life and working only for what they need. This model was adopted so the millennial generation could spend more time with their families. They have been home this whole time raising the next generation of true foodies.

“Millennials are getting older and raising families. Just like the generations that preceded they lead hectic and busy lives and time is a limited and precious commodity,” says David Portalatin, NPD food industry advisor. “Going to a restaurant and letting someone else do the cooking for you is an easy way to save effort and time.”

Gen Alpha didn’t grow up on chicken fingers and mac and cheese. About 12.5% of Gen Alpha is now around ten years old and their palates are diverse. They are eating in your dining rooms right now.  I bet if you look closely, you will notice they are not eating off the children’s menu. This means in the years to come you are going to need to step up your game. They will be seeking a broad range of health-foods, ethnicity, creativity, experience, and even plant-based options. Instead of offering decade-old designed coloring pages and crayons, think of activity books that encourage discussions.

Let us not forget Gen Alpha were raised by the generation of #foodporn. Your presentation will also need to be spot on for TikTok of course. If you do the math, in the next 6-8 years, they will be opening their own wallets in your establishments. That is if you can capture their visual attention and tantalize their sophisticated palates. Watch out, Gen Alpha will be on the lookout soon to open their own eateries, maybe even right next door to you! It’s go time!  

Appreciate The Millennials #Foodie Culture

  1. They are raising  future foodies
  2. They eat out often
  3. Their kids will post on social media
  4. They are the next generation of customers
  5. They prioritize buying high-quality food over other spending areas

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