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Why Strive To Be A More Successful Chef


Why should you continuously strive to be a more successful chef?

A  successful, and profitable kitchen is run by a team, not by one single person. In fact, according to (Pratten 2003), mastering cooking techniques does not guarantee a person will become a successful chef. A great chef should also know how to motivate their team and stay the course. They handle the problems that arise within the group with corrective actions and education, not aggression and discipline. I think we can all agree, information often leads to innovation which will lead to success.

 Ask Yourself These Questions

  1. Are you a leader or a force to be reckoned with?
  2. Do you look for more than one path to lead you and your team to great accomplishments?
  3. Are you constantly trying to learn the newest information in your field? If no, why not?

Now that I’ve got you thinking, take your “why’s” and start analyzing for answers and solutions to some or all of them.

For example, if your servers are scared to ask questions during service, this is an opportunity to learn and adapt. Are alternative options to your responses? Are there other sources to direct a team member to for reliable answers you are not able to give?

Try bringing in staff for a family-style meal, prior to service.  While enjoying your creations, allow your team to ask questions in a comfortable and relaxed environment.

The bottom line to be a more successful chef, you must be constantly learning from previous experiences. By asking why, you can make sure to implement corrective action. 

Keys To A Successful Chef 

  1. Learn to lead and manage
  2. Understand that the top line drives the bottom
  3. Data data data
  4. Become a forward thinker
  5. Great food great service


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