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Butter Boards What Are They?

Butter Boards - Why Chef Blog

Why Butter Boards? 

The short answer is a TikTok trend created by 1.2 million followers.  If you haven’t been on TikTok you will be surprised by what you see as you swipe away the hours. Butter boards is one of cooler trends that has come out of this app. The reality is that chef Joshua McFadden’s 2017 cookbook Six Seasons: A New Way With Vegetables had instructions on making butter boards, but it took @Justine_Snacks 28 second video to open our eyes from compound butters to butter boards. And open our eyes she did! I am so into these masterpieces of butter art.  Sorry for the self-promoting plug, but I have to do it. Did you know we have our channel on TikTok, featuring some of my culinary creations including butter boards?  Now let’s delve into the phenomenon of butter boards…

What Is A Butter Board?

It is as it sounds a board slathered in butter topped with all kinds of sweet and or savory items.  Wow, first thoughts are heart attack city or I am gaining weight just looking at them. But I personally am not surprised at the trend. I mean we love Charcuterie boards and cheese boards and dessert flights and anything that we snack on so we don’t have to choose one item to eat. Why not butter?

Basically, we love to eat foods off wood while sharing with friends.  It is also a creative outlet for those who can’t necessarily cook. You grab a board some high-quality unsalted butter, ingredients you like to eat with butter a nice crusty bread and game on.  

I am excited about this trend as the term Charcuterie is often miss used. Let’s leave Charcuterie to its original origin referring to meats and create new boards calling them what they are. Think of butter boards as an easy way to add an upscale sharing appetizer to your menu using ingredients you already have in house plus you don’t have to wash out ramekins of left-over butter.  It’s a new creative version of a breadbasket but you will make money instead of giving it away.

How to Make A Board

Now according to Chef Remi Williams, start with whipping the softened butter with a mixer to aerate the butter for better flavor. Then you spread the softened unsalted butter on a wood or marble board, top away to your heart’s content exposing your inner artist. 

Are You Sweet or Savory Is The Question?

I like both options and feel that at a restaurant you need to offer your customers both.  Then go to town with sauces, spices and fruits. For example, a traditional board might include chopped fresh herbs, lemon zest, flake salt and edible flowers.  Or you could take a sweet approach and add, figs, raspberries, and honey.  A seasonal board you guessed it would keep pumpkin spice lovers happy with pureed pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg and brown sugar.   

How Do You Eat A Butter Board?

How do you eat it? Well, you have two options… Drag that crusty bread through that picture perfect creation or use a dainty spoon to spread the perfect bite on each slice of bread.  Gluten free no worries a radish pairs excellent with butter.  


Chef’s Dana’s Top Three Butter Boards

  1.  Chopped fresh parsley, roasted capers, lemon zest, flake salt and nasturtiums  
  2.  Sliced Fresh figs, pecan halves, dried cranberries, honey, flake salt, sprinkle of cinnamon and micro greens 
  3.  Sliced Radish, flake salt, fresh thyme, chopped dates, macadamia nuts  

Bread of choice sourdough or French baguette

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