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Choosing The Best Sandwich Bread

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Well, a sandwich without bread is a pile of meat, cheese, and veggies with a condiment mess. The hard part is choosing which sandwich bread to build on.

Building the perfect sandwich is an artform one that I happen to love. My idea of the perfect sandwich is first choosing the bread type that fits my ingredients best. I’m looking for taste and texture, but also that the bread will allow that perfect pull-away bite without losing its form. Piantedosi’s Oval Marble Rye was a go-to bread for many of my restaurant’s and cafe’s sandwiches.

For argument’s sake, let’s build a couple of sandwiches.

 The Sexy Beast Roast Beef Sandwich

A wrong bread choice for me would be a baguette.  In this instance, I want a soft, thick-cut marble rye NOT toasted. Why? I want the juices from the roast beef and horseradish aioli to be absorbed into the bread.  I like to layer my sandwich ingredients starting from the bottom up.

  • I evenly coat my first slice of bread with a generous amount of horseradish aioli. 
  • Next, I add my bibb lettuce, slice of vine ripe tomato and a very thin slice of red onion. 
  • Now I make little pillowy piles of thin sliced medium rare roast beef about five slices. 
  • Then I top the roast beef with thinly sliced sharp cheddar cheese. 
  • Generously coat the top slice of rye with more of that aioli and gently press it on top. 
  • Stick in two frill toothpicks cut on a bias and serve with potato chips and a pickle. 
  •  Sandwich GAME ON! 

On the other hand, if I was going to make my favorite breakfast sandwich I would start with toasted Ciabatta. 

The Amtrack Breakfast Sandwich

I call this the Amtrak because it will hit you like a train of flavor and be gone as fast as it stopped in front of you. 

  • Slice that Ciabatta in half and toss it in the toaster. 
  • On a flat top griddle sear off the sausage patty till golden brown. 
  • Crack that egg gently and cook it to over medium. After you flip it, cover it with shredded extra sharp cheddar. Then let it melt and get crispy edges on that griddle. 
  • Grab that Ciabatta from the toaster add the sausage patty, then the cheesy egg and a splash of Franks red hot. Then gently put the top of the bread on and enjoy. 
  • Get napkins, you will need them! 

Why Did I Choose Rye and Ciabatta Sandwich Bread?

Now that you are also hungry flip the bread on the two different sandwiches. It won’t work well, at least not as well. Size does matter. That egg will get lost in that giant slice of rye and the roast beef and all its toppings will fall out of the Ciabatta as you try to take that first bite.  

Best Applications for Sandwich Bread

White ideal for bread and butter snacks, classic PB& J and top choice for kids grilled cheese sandwiches and fluffernutters

Sourdough is light but dense with a tangy taste meant for savory or salty sandwiches. Think BLT or Thanksgiving sandwiches

Whole Wheat is usually soft and chewy with a mild taste. Great for everyday sanwiches like ham and cheese or salad.

Baguette with its crispy crust and soft and chewy interior. Great for garlic breads, sandwiches featuring salt-cured meat and creamy cheese. Delicate fillers will sqush under the crust and seep out. Make sure to choose hardier meats and fillers.

Rye has a robust flavor with a chewy texture and dense structure. It pairs well for both sweet and savory ingredients.

Ciabatta has a crispy crust and a soft inside with a very airy structure. It is great to capture sauces, gooey cheese, and eggs.

Chef Dana's Favorite Sandwich Breads

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