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No artificial colors or flavors, zero trans-fat, Kosher certified and gluten free, Brighton Farms Cream Cheese provides versatility, flavor and indulgence that’s well beyond the bagel.

Brighton Farms Logo Cream Cheese

Plain Cream Cheese #23796  1/30 lb

Plain Cream Cheese #23813  10/3 lb

Plain Cream Cheese Cups #23711  100/1 oz

Brighton Farms Unipro Gnocchi Recipe using Cream CheesePotato gnocchi, Italian potato dumplings with cheese sauce, ham and basil on a plate

Brighton Farms Cream Cheese in a SandwichRicotta & cream cheese spinach sandwich with coffee

Brighton Farms Cream Cheese in TiramisuHomemade tiramisu

Brighton Farms Cream Cheese – Beyond the Bagel

Exceptional quality, service and innovation makes Brighton Farms stand out to you and YOU stand out to the customer. Cream cheese is smooth and creamy. Its primary ingredient is cream rather than milk, making it ideal for spread or dip, as well as in sweet or savory dishes. We know cheese can make anything taste better, so let’s be different in how we think of cream cheese. Let’s get ready to Brighton Every Day!

Sweet Cream Cheese Menu Options

Chocolate Truffles
French Toast
Fruit Bars
Ice Cream
Pastry Dough
Pie Crust
Pound Cake
Puff Pastry Filling
Sugar Cookies

Savory Cream Cheese Menu Applications

Cheese Spread
Crepe Filling
Grilled Cheese
Mac and Cheese
Mashed Potatoes
Pasta Sauce
Pate as a binding agent

Unexpected Cream Cheese Menu Suggestions

Breakfast Grilled Cheese Complete with soft scrambled eggs and a dollop of cream cheese at the end, topped with American cheese and melted to perfection.

Three Cheese Dip – Notch up your traditional cheese dip with cream cheese, cheddar and monterey jack. What really make this over the top? Add chives and pepperoncincis!

Pancake with Maple Cream Cheese Frosting – Who doesn’t love breakfast anytime of the day, but as a dessert? This cake of stacked pancakes layered with maple ream cheese frosting passes the test.

Gluten Free Pie Crust – Crispy and tastes great. This recipe is great to make into shapes, toss in cinnamon or use for pies and tarts. 

Dilly Cheese Ball – We are not talking the spice dillweed but dill pickles! Mixing cream cheese, minced dill pickles, onion, cheddar cheese, Worcestershire sauce, mayo, fresh parsely and voila… You have every pickle lovers’ dream dip!

Green Goddess Cream Cheese Veggie Spread – Fresh herbs infuse this cream cheese spread with garlic and a bounty of green veggies. Using an artisanal bread really helps boost this a signature sandwich

Sweet Potato Pancakes with Cinnamon Frosting – Shredded sweet potato pancakes, apples, onions, eggs flour and a dash of cinnamon for simple pancakes. Adding a mixture of cream cheese, brown sugar, cinnamon and sour cream for the frosting will add a dollop of flavor that all will enjoy.


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