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This year’s expo has been postponed until 2022. BUT we are still sharing all the solutions from this expo to continue the success of your business for years to come.  We are here to help you with your labor issues, take-out programs, menu profitability and merchandising products across dayparts. Check out the answers our manufacturers are providing for your current problems below.  

Labor Savings

Finding skilled workers is a struggle while balancing the needs of on-site and take-out operations. Addressing these challenges with innovative products that save on back-of-house preparation compared to making from scratch can save upwards of 85%-95% of prep time especially with meals prepared by fewer and less experienced kitchen staff. Using 1 product across dayparts will help reduce SKUs on-site and waste of lesser used items on the menu.

Labor Saving Videos

Check out more labor-saving videos!

Campbell’s Make your menu more profitable by controlling labor costs, food cost and inventory

Nation’s Brest turkey breast are fully cooked saving you time and labor


Kerry Dipt Pre Dipt eliminates refrigeration and storage, enhances food safety and saves on labor. No eggs or milk.

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Think one turkey product for multiple menu applications

  • Fully cooked Turkey Pot Roast as a thanksgiving Fiesta Taco or Turkey Medallions for kebabs

Chicken Wing Alternatives, labor-saving battered fish fry items

  • Brewer’s Choice 8.5 oz Haddock is a great choice for fish fries! No staff having to batter and great to go!
  • 2 Oz Brewer’s Choice Fish is great for fish and chip baskets at bars!
  • Chicken wing cost-saving alternative with Southern Style Pollock Wings  
  • Need a simple quick appetizers Battered Haddie Bites fit the craving need.

De Yulio's Sausage Logo

Sausage perfect across all day parts and can be reheated saving you labor and waste!

  • More than just peppers and onions. Use it for breakfast with an egg sandwich, in an egg muffin, or to compliment pancakes
  • For lunch you can have it as a sandwich, in a soup, or in a sausage and vegetable casserole
  • For dinner, you can put it on pizza, pair it with chicken scarpiello, sausage and broccoli rabe, jambalaya and the list can go on. 
  • When you cook a box of sausage you can use it for any of these recipes; and any leftover sausage, can be used in another recipe.  

Kettle Cuisine Soups Logo


Boil-n-Bag Fresh Soups adds variety with no labor. Bonewerks Pork Oss Buco is fully cooked and already infused with demi glace saving significant preparation time!

Rich's Cookie Dough Header Logo

Convenience and save labor with thaw and serve panini bread, parbaked pizza, self-rising dough balls, cookies, strudels, thaw and serve eclairs, meatballs, eggplant, fully cooked pulled pork and new signature parbaked rolls

Golden Dipt Logo

Pre Dipt eliminates refrigeration and storage, enhances food safety and saves on labor. No eggs or milk.

Nation's Best Logo

Turkey Breasts are fully cooked saving you time and labor

  • Heat and serve for warm meals or serve cold for sandwiches or salads

Biscuits, Cinnamon Rolls, Scones, Triple Layer Bars, Doughs

  • Freezer-To-Oven for low labor easy fresh-baked on-site
  • Bake only what you need with superior holding quality
  • Unbaked doughs and Baked Biscuits are easy prep with no skilled labor required
  • Use 1 product across dayparts and menu opportunities


Chicken Wing Alternative Appetizers

  • Fried rice lettuce wrap, rice bowls, lasagna rollups in a vodka sauce

  • Bake Cookies fresh daily – Freezer to Oven to Customer.
  • Consistent high quality products for today’s environment – Cakes, Brownies, Scones, Pies, Muffins – perfect for in-house or to go orders….. and don’t forget – profitable

Let us be your local bread company – quality, durable, variety and long thawed shelf life. Saves you money on waste.

Calavo Logo

Save labor and waste. Just thaw and serve avocados. Did you know that Avocados contains more potassium than a banana? And there is no cholesterol and trans fat. It’s the “good fat” – monounsaturated fat it contains.

Pre-proofed sweet croissants No proofing, saves time and nothing is better than the smell of fresh-baked croissants!

Use one plant-based item for multiple menu options.

  • Create a sandwich, wrap, or salad using Gardein Chicken.

Land O Lakes Dairy & Cheese

Use the same product for multiple menu items

  • Cheese sauce for broccoli & cheese soup or queso dips

Ventura Foods Logo

  • Sunglow Butter Alternative can be used across dayparts and menu applications from cookies to making grilled cheese sandwiches
  • What application can you not use SauceCraft or Smokehouse 220 BBQ to tweak your signature dipping, sandwich sauce? Smokehouse 220 & SauceCraft have no artificial flavors or preservatives, high fructose corn syrup or caramel color. Smokehouse has superior cling for full-flavored dishes and the flavor profiles of SauceCraft meet a variety of ethnic flavors

Every day is pasta day! Easy to prepare and ready in minutes.

Specially formulated to provide the taste, eye appeal and nutritional needs that healthcare providers require. Ready-to-serve thickened juices, frozen shake supplements, or thickened dairy that is cost-effective, easy to use and meet today’s needs.

Bake N Joy Logo

Simply take out pre-deposited Frozen Muffin & Loaf Batters out of the freezer and put directly into the oven for just in time fresh baked goods. Bake only what you need when you need it. “Bake n Box” Cornbread by day becomes a dessert by night. Or use Cornbread Batter to make Jalapeno Popper appetizers or Chili Supreme as the main course.

Maple Leaf Farms

Fully cooked duck products – Roasted Duck Halves, Duck Leg Confit, Sous Vide Duck Breast and more. Save time and effort in the kitchen while providing a consistent gourmet quality at the table or to-go menu.

Make Your Take-Out Program Better

The National Restaurant Association research shows that about one-third of consumers say that purchasing restaurant takeout is an essential part of their lifestyle. In addition, nearly half (46 percent) of adults – and 61 percent of millennials – say an important factor in choosing a tableservice restaurant is the availability of takeout or delivery options.   Take-out is here to stay but, you have one chance to get the order right or the customer might not return. Maintaining food safety, using the right packaging and products is key!

Food To-Go Videos

Check out more To-Go videos!

Good tips to preserve food quality for take-out using your existing containers.

Pitt Plastics The right canliners and to-go bags for your needs


Seviroli Pasta Maintain food quality, minimize labor and maximize output

Take-Out Solutions Click Here

Brewer’s Choice 8.5 oz Haddock is a great choice for to-go!

Baked cookies, cakes, scones, pies and muffins are ideal for to-go.

Every day is pasta day! Easy to prepare and perfect for to-go orders and catering.

Biscuits, Cinnamon Rolls, Scones

Highly tolerant that maintain softness and texture over longer hold-time. Holds well in sealed containers. Can easily be reheated to fresh baked. Just reheat in the microwave for 10 seconds.

Boost customer confidence with portion control products to accompany salads, soups, burgers and pizza. Customers top priority is knowing their food is safe. Using Sugar Foods single serve pouches helps alleviate this fear.

Ask about our Soup-To-Go Program

De Yulio's Sausage Logo

All of our products travel well because we focus on the flavor profile of our product after it has been reheated, so if it needs to be reheated by the time you get home, the flavor will still be there.

Crisp To Go Fries & Onion Rings with a patented potato starch-based coating designed to provide these french fries and rings with unprecedented hold time! Always arrives extra crispy and delicious- no matter the serving container  – so customers order again and again.

Food Show Trends


Even with all the challenges faced in the industry, keeping up with the trends will help your business in the long run. Number One is plant-based followed with sustainable products, convenience & quality, innovating with a streamlined evolving menu, street food, and ethnic comfort foods.

Trend Videos

Check out more To-Go videos!

Incogmeato  Plant-based menu options for chicken tenders, burgers and sausage

Highliner A new way to menu fish fry


Calavo Use across dayparts saving you labor while capitalizing on the bowl trend

Trend Solutions Click Here

Vegan plant-based products made with a delicious blend of veggies, ancient grains, wheat, canola and non-GMO soy. Nutrition with no cholesterol, less saturated fat, fewer calories than traditional proteins while delivering real meat taste and texture.

  • They are convenient, readily accepts a wide variety of sauces.
  • Prepare just like traditional proteins – cooks in minutes

Fish Fry at a Bar? Adding fish fry product in a glass with a signature spicy dip it makes, it fun, functional, and easy to eat!

Incogmeato Logo

Just like chicken! Vegan, no preservatives, 100% plant protein. This will be your No. 1 Vegan seller! Easy prep time. Fry or Bake. 

Red Gold is a proud sponsor of the Folds of Honor program for families of fallen servicemen or woman. This is a program where the dollars go to local family members in our area. We thank you and appreciate the support. Every case sold helps support this program.

Beyond Meat Logo

Committed to providing fresh, sustainable and quality plant-based burgers and sausage to create chef-inspired menu items that your customers will love.

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