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Why Strive To Be a More Successful Chef

A successful and profitable kitchen is run by a team, not by one single person. A successful chef knows when to motivate their team and stay on course.

Why Is Excellent Service So Important?

Excellent service says “you appreciate my business and that my level of satisfaction matters to you. “ The level of service should say – you’re worth the extra effort. It also often affects a guest’s impression of the food.

Millenials Are Rising True #Foodie

Gen Alpha is the reason why we should appreciate the millennials. This new generation was created by the Millennials and before you pass any judgment, keep reading.

Why Chef Blog - Why Sell Coffee and Dessert

It’s as easy as apple pie to sell coffee and dessert, because the hardest part is already done. By this point in the service the customer has already been through your door, sat at your table, dug into your chow.

Why Does Portion Size Matter

First and foremost, portion size should matter to a restaurateur as it ties directly to your menu and your profitability. Knowing your costs is important when pricing each of your menu items. But if portion sizes are not consistent the price is no longer relevant.

Why Are There Supply Chain Shortages On Everything

Food Logistics notates SKU proliferation, food freshness, seasonal peaks, and labor shortages are the top modern food distribution challenges. The pandemic has added extra pressures to supply chain shortages beyond these concerns. The global supply chain shortages have screwed everything. We're experiencing the perfect storm of shortage issues.

Shortages...Oh My Not My Onions Rings

The supply chain shortage list continues to grow and grow. In addition to the dwindling supplies of fruits, vegetables, and meats, we’re now going to be short pre-made onion rings. This pandemic is reminding us of the good ol’ days and how lucky we were to have an abundance of prepared items at our fingertips on a daily basis.

Why Should You Sit In Your Restaurant Dining Room?

I dare you to stop for a moment and take a seat in your own restaurant dining room. You might be asking yourself, “Why should I sit in my own dining room?” Try it, and get back to me, I guarantee you will find at least three needed improvements in less than two minutes.

Why is Mise en Place So Important

The origin of the phrase Mise en Place was first recorded in 1860-65; French: literally, “a putting in place.” The gathering and preliminary preparation of the ingredients and equipment to be used in cooking or serving food.

Reworking your menu could change your entire work environment plus a handful of issues in one swift shot.

To rework menu think first and foremost, when is the last time you performed a proper cost analysis? With the rising cost of goods, you need to adjust your prices now and your guests will understand! They are experiencing rising food costs at the grocery store too.
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